Leadlight supplies and classes, yes we have these as well for those who wish to create their own masterpiece.


An exciting renaissance is taking place today, one that has a history reaching back over a thousand years. History begins to repeat itself as the architects, designers and artists of today boldly explore the limitless possibilities of stained glass and leadlighting in contemporary interior and exterior design. With a history of over a thousand years it is only natural that leadlight applications may have changed, but the art itself has altered little. This allows a tradition to be sustained whilst making the most of the opportunities that new materials have offered it. Leadlight & Stained glass today illuminates public buildings, airports, restaurants, churches and peoples homes, making this a truly universal medium.

A Real Victorian Leadlight who are we ???

We are a leadlight  company specialising in bringing back the appreciation of  both modern and traditional leadlight .


We started in Ringwood  then moved to Ferntree Gully in which time  we successfully sold doors  and made leadlights for doors for ourselves and othe door companies. Over time we developed a reputation for being good at what  we built and the excellent service  we provided. Our leadlight  manufacturing skills didn't just stay within the confines of door panels but expanded to include windows, cupboards,lamps, jewelery boxes,mirrors and also teaching  both leadlighting and foiling.


The shop was closed  and  moved to a home based business temporarily. It was here that  the name A Real Victorian Leadlight was born. As the business expanded and space became a  premium it was decided to  move to our present location in Stud rd, Bayswater, which is bigger and more suited to  our ever changing  business.

  • Our main business  is the design , manufacture and supply of leadlights to retail, wholesale  and trade clients. We are a make to order company that allows the client to design what they want and we shape it into a legally acceptable pattern.
  • Leadlight Classes have also developed as a big part of our business . Here you  learn  how to leadlight and/or foil safely & correctly and our classes are a  great social night  for all involved. Classes are done in an informal non structured  atmosphere.  Our students range in age , abilities and goals. Best of all our classes are on a pay as you go basis , no up front fee.
  • We also have a retail shop that supplies materials and tools  to leadlighters and foilers. The  shop also has a small supply of gift ware for those who want  something different  or for that forgotten  gift  you may need to buy quickly.


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