Leadlight supplies and classes, yes we have these as well for those who wish to create their own masterpiece.

Frequently asked questions.

Q) I only want my leadlight repaired  why does it have to be rebuilt?

A) The  lead used in old leadlight can break down and oxidise which makes the lead weaker and less pliable. This means  any repairs attempted  would only damage the leadlight further. In these cicumstances the only way to truely do the repairs is to strip and completely relead them using the existing glass  where possible.


Q) Why is my  old Leadlight repair taking so long to fix, it only had a little crack?

A) Sometimes  glasses that were used in old leadlights are no longer made    Although the repair itself may not take a long time to fix, finding the exact same glass can take weeks.


Q) Its only a small leadlight window, why does it cost  so much ?

A) Leadlight is hand made and even a small window can be very labour intensive. What you pay for is the skill and presicion of the craftsman to produce exactly what you want in glass. Prices are  also determined by intricasy of design,  size of leadlight panel,glasses textures used and glass colours  used.


Q) Why is some glass dear than other glass ?

A) The processes used to make glass  and the metal content in it determines the price. Some glasses have  gold in them and this makes  them more expensive. eg  Reds,yellows & oranges


Q) Are there any restriction about what  can be made into a leadlight ?

A) Yes the Australian standards  has limitations on the  size of pieces that can be used in a leadlight.  Other than that the only other limitation is your imagination  and the almighty dollar.


Q) How do I clean my leadlight ?
Apply by soft cloth or spray, warm soapy water ( ie dish detergent) to the leadlight to be cleaned. Wash with a soft cloth or  for stubborn marks use a soft brush ( ie a clean shoe polish brush). Dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD on your leadlight or you make crack  it or stretch the lead